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Location: Omaha, NE
Date Posted: 6/29/23
Type: Direct Hire/Contract-to-Hire

Ever wondered “How did he/she get that great job?” Many times it is because they had the inside track on the position from the moment the job became available or possibly even before the job was even open. We have the kind of relationships with our client managers where many times we get advanced notification on upcoming openings and we have the person identified before most job seekers even know there is an opening. Are you interested in being on this inside track to a great new position? Would you like to hear about confidential openings as they happen and be in the driver’s seat to say “no thanks” or “YES, that’s a great opportunity, let’s move forward”?

The truth is: many great job opportunities are accepted by people we already know and have a relationship with because when we receive a fresh and exciting new opening the first thing we do is contact people like yourself who we are familiar with and already know. The key is being on our radar so you won’t miss that great opportunity in your field of interest. So become part of our confidential WATCH LIST by sending us your resume today! Don’t have an updated resume? Don’t worry about it, just send your contact details and we will take care of the rest! We know sometimes people are reluctant to send their resume to anyone because they are concerned that their name or their resume will somehow get out and that just will not happen with our company.

We hold confidentially in the absolute highest regard and will not breech this confidentiality or send your resume anywhere without your approval. If you are still not 100% comfortable then please call us and we can talk further about how we do business to protect your confidentially.

How to proceed? To become a part of our WATCH LIST please send your resume or contact information today by emailing our recruiting team at and get your name on the list of people who get called first when we have something new and exciting!




“Even when I was converted to an employee at the client site, DS made sure we kept in touch to make sure I was still happy”

– Adam