IT Consulting

Why Diversified Solutions?

A Dedicated Partner. We work as your partner, not your vendor to identify the specifics of your situation and develop a clear understanding your needs.

Market Analysis. We can assist you in determining the market rate for people with the skills you desire.

A Relationship, Not a Resume. We identify, recruit and prescreen the best candidates to save your valuable time.

A Local Touch. Locally owned and operated which gives you the personal touch of people who live in and support this community.

The Right Connections. An extensive, growing network of professional candidates. This network allows us to search and obtain the right person for you. Many of our candidates have been referred by our current consultants and clients.

Simply, the Best Candidates. Small organizations to Fortune 100 companies use Diversified Solutions for high quality talent that makes a positive impact on their business.

From A to Z. Full range of service offerings from “consulting” to “option-to-hire” to “permanent hire” solutions.

Service Offerings

  • Application Development
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Warehousing
  • Database Administration
  • Database Development
  • Network Support – Help Desk
  • Network Systems Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Reporting Specialist
  • Software Design, Development, Documentation, Testing and Implementation
  • Technical Writing
  • Web Design and Development

Placement Process

Client interview for a new opening. Our Client Relationship Manager gathers a complete and detailed description of your need to ensure that the right candidate is selected.

Candidate recruiting and screening. Your company will be represented in a highly professional and discreet manner to the most qualified candidates.

Information technology candidates. They are technically screened and a report reviews and evaluates their technical skills, both strengths and weaknesses.

Candidate profile submission and review. Once we identify the right candidate and have authorization to send you their profile, we will email it and discuss the candidate with you. We will talk with you about the candidate’s attributes, and why we believe he or she is the right person for your job. We rely on your feedback so we can adjust our recruiting strategy or move quickly to the next stage while the candidate’s interest is piqued.

Interview. Our Client Relationship Manager will work with you and the candidate to determine the best time for an interview. We will also discuss with you any hurdles we may be facing and any specific areas of interest the candidate may have.

Interview debriefing. Following the interview, our Client Relationship Manager will gather information from you and the candidate to determine the level of interest, discuss any concerns and determine the next steps.

Negotiations. We will work with you and the candidate to determine the appropriate compensation, special needs and start date.

Reference checks. We will conduct professional reference checks and, upon request, provide you with a written report.

Resignation. We professionally manage and advise the candidate through the entire resignation process.

Why Consulting?

  • Long-term needs are undefined. Consulting provides project resource flexibility
  • Reduces lengthy hiring process. The most talented candidates are generally not looking for employment opportunities. We know where the talent is and we directly recruit for your position, getting them on board fast before they commit to other opportunities
  • Cultural fit. Ensures that the individuals are a fit both technically and culturally
  • Position gets filled. Bringing the right talent on board quickly takes tremendous stress off the project timeline and your existing staff’s workloads
  • Ensures quality of hire. You’re sure individuals are a fit before going through a lengthy and costly hiring process
  • Increases manager’s productivity. More time spent managing the projects; less time interviewing candidates
  • Limited liability. If a consultant does not seem to be working out, you can make a change immediately to get a replacement. Too often, companies will keep under-performing employees much longer than they should. Eliminate the red tape involved in HR termination


Consulting Option. Diversified Solutions provides outstanding individuals who fit technically, culturally, and can fulfill the client’s needs in a timely fashion.


  1. Limits permanent FTE overhead
  2. Gives you the ability to bring on additional resources immediately
  3. Reduces cost associated with positions that go unfilled
  4. Improves department productivity to meet department goals faster
  5. Provides the extra help to refocus and get you “back on track” to meet company goals and objectives

Option – To – Hire. A win-win scenario that allows a client to see the results, and make sure the candidate fits both technically and culturally before committing to a long-term relationship.


  1. Long-term needs are undefined
  2. Reduces a lengthy hiring process
  3. Rapid turnaround to secure high quality resources
  4. Mitigates risk resulting from a bad hire, limiting liability
  5. Allows you to evaluate for the “right fit” hire

Permanent Hire. Permanent hire is the traditional approach to bring a candidate on board from inception.


  1. Fills immediate FTE needs faster with qualified candidates
  2. Diversified Solutions negotiates with candidate on behalf of the client
  3. Increases productivity levels and begins the training process
  4. Guarantee period


“I hold DS in very high regard and will communicate that to my colleagues.”

– Shane