Executive Recruitment

Why Diversified Solutions?

We work as your partner. We identify the specifics of your situation and develop a clear understanding of your needs

Market analysis. We can assist you in determining the market rate for people with the skills you desire

A relationship, not a resume. We identify, recruit and prescreen the best candidates to save your valuable time

An extensive, growing network of professional candidates. This network allows us to search and obtain the right person for you. Many of our candidates have been referred by our current consultants and clients

Simply, the best candidates. Small organizations to Fortune 100 companies use Diversified Solutions for high quality talent that makes a positive impact on their business

We work nationwide. Through the years we have amassed a very large database of outstanding candidates and referrals

Steps in the Placement Process

Client interview for new opening. Our Client Relationship Manager gathers a complete and detailed description of your need to ensure that the right candidate is selected.

Candidate recruiting and screening. Your company will be represented in a highly professional and discreet manner to the most qualified candidates.

Candidate resume submission and review. Once we identify the right candidate and have authorization to send you the resume, we will email it and discuss the candidate with you. We will talk with you about the candidate’s attributes, and why we believe he or she is the right person for your job. We rely on your feedback so we can adjust our recruiting strategy or move quickly to the next stage while the candidate’s interest is piqued.

Interview. Our Client Relationship Manager will work with you and the candidate to determine the best time for an interview. We will also discuss with you any hurdles we may be facing and any specific areas of interest the candidate may have.

Interview debriefing. Following the interview, our Client Relationship Manager will gather information from you and the candidate to determine the level of interest, discuss any concerns and determine the next steps.

Negotiations. We will work with you and the candidate to determine the appropriate compensation, special needs and start date.

Reference checks. We will conduct professional reference checks and, upon request, provide you with a written report.

Resignation. We will manage and advise the candidate and professionally handle the resignation process from beginning to end.


“I am so happy with my new employer, I got exactly what I was looking for in a new job!”

– Sharon