Why Diversified Solutions?

  • We provide both consulting and permanent opportunities
  • Relationship-based recruiting focused on improving your career
  • Years of experience in placing hundreds of top professionals locally and nationally
  • Knowledge of our market areas providing you with an unrivalled, in-depth understanding of companies and positions that competing candidates will not have
  • A large and diverse client base

Why Consulting?

Contracting / Consulting

Is the thought of working on the same system, at the same company, for decades attractive to you?  If not, then contracting/consulting was made for you.

Companies constantly run into situations where their current staff is not in a position to deliver projects of high quality on time.  This could be due to a lack of experience on the team for a particular technical language or skill OR the team simply needs to grow for a period of time in order to complete the project on time.  These situations are when it makes perfect sense to augment their staff with someone from Diversified Solutions.  Assignments range from a few months to a few years. 

Here are some reasons people love this structure:

  • Keep technical skills sharp, stay on top of their game.
  • Variety of work including companies, cultures, technical environments, teams/people.
  • They get to focus on the part of the job that they really love and stay out of any office politics.
  • Flexibility in schedule
  • Fresh and challenging assignments
  • Higher expectations means higher performance and higher pay. Anytime a client hears the word “consultant” the expectation is that this person will be a cut above the rest and an experienced, proven professional. Consultants typically enjoy being held to this higher standard
  • Many consultants enjoy the technical challenges of their work, but don’t like the involvement in office politics that can affect full-time employees. For some, this is a true benefit
  • Benefit package
  • Team approach. As a consultant, you have our full support and a team of experienced account managers will market your services to a variety of clients and industries
  • Training and tuition reimbursement programs to help keep you current with new technologies and continuing education
  • Employee referral bonus opportunity

Why Contract to Hire?

Initially, people think of contract-to-hire (CTH) is “try before you buy.”  But what is it really and why is it so popular?  No matter where you go, full-time hire positions have 90 day probationary periods so how this this different?  Really, it is not that much different.  A CTH is simply a 6 month onboarding period where your pay (W2) and all of your benefits come from Diversified Solutions.  The interview process is the same as a full-time so at the end of the contract period, the conversion to full-time employment is really nothing more than a formality.  There are multiple advantages to doing a contract-to-hire with one of them being the interview process can move much faster.    Many times the conversion salary is determined at the time of the CTH offer taking away the mystery of what your offer will be at the end of the 6 month period.

Would you like to know what it is like to work at a prospective new employer prior to making that long-term commitment?  A benefit for you to going this route is the ability to learn about the company before becoming a full-time employee. 

Why Direct Hire?

Direct hire is the traditional approach to bring a candidate on board from inception.

IT Positions

Job Title Location Date Posted Type  
Sales & Marketing Specialist Omaha, NE 9/21/23 Direct Hire Apply
Security Engineer Omaha, NE 9/14/23 Direct Hire Apply
ETL Developer Dallas, TX 8/23/23 Contract Apply
Solutions Architect Remote 8/9/23 Direct Hire Apply
Watch List – .NET Developer Omaha, NE 6/29/23 Direct Hire/Contract-to-Hire Apply
All IT Positions Omaha, NE 6/28/23 Direct Hire Apply
Java/J2EE Developer Watch List Omaha, NE 6/28/23 Direct Hire Apply
IT Recruiter Omaha, NE 6/20/23 Direct Hire Apply


“I would like to first say that all of the promises and expectations related to DS are understatements; the only thing I have to say is WOW!”

– Anonymous